Building The Dream

I have always been attracted to Stones throughout my life, and many years ago I developed The Friendship Stone after a visit to South Africa.   I have left that business behind me, but my love of the Tiger’s Eye Stone, which is filled of warmth, and positive energy has always been with me.  

I love giving away my stones and when you are in Beit Elfarasha, we have some near our desk for you to please feel free to take one, or actually 2, one to give away to an existing or new friend.

While we were building Beit Elfarasha, I wanted to fill the entire building with the incredible positive energy of the Tiger’s Eye stones and decided that the best way to do that was to layer the entire floor with stones, before we laid the tiles.  So here you can see, that is exactly what we did. Every inch of the building is filled with these beautiful stones and you can feel the energy the instant you step through our doors. 

Hope you will join us and feel all the positive energy around you. 

In these images you can see the progress of building our dream, from beginning till the final results.  I could never have fulfilled this dream without the incredible team of professionals that worked tirelessly throughout the process. 


They deserve a huge thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Starting with the incredible, talented, ultimate professional Michal Matalon,  My interiors designer, and overall go to person on all questions big and small.  She was always there, and always ready to help.

Our “Yekke” contractor, Hail Yousfen and his incredible team, Rashad Yousfen,  Anas Yousfen ,  Mahmud Samnia and  Naje Sawaed,  all from Shfaram. 

Wisam, stonemason is from Akko.

 Eran and Sharone Shcory,  the incredible highly professional metal welders.

 Zohair Mabarchi,   amazing carpenter, always has a solution to every   problem, a real artist, also from Shfaram.

 Ahmad Kayal, made all of our Nirosta tables, from al.nirosta.

 Saleem Amer, stonemason from Akko.

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